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About Me

Co-founder, Misplaced Minds and Deeploop.

I'm a 27 year old who loves coding more than anything else. I have worked as a Risk Investigator, Game Developer and AR/VR/MR developer before starting my own gig. I love exploring new technologies and developing applications for everyday use.

I teach game development (offline/online) in my free time. My website helloworldv2 has code snippets and tutorials on a lot of technologies. I also have co-developed and exhibited a multiplatform (AR/VR/MR) collaboration application at Aero India 2021, India's largest Air Show for my old company. I have also worked on World Cricket 2021, a mobile cricket simulation game. Along with my co-founder of Misplaced Minds - Surya Prakash K, I have received the Best Game Award at Seamedu Game Meet 2015 for the horror game Bloodthirst

I believe in living to the fullest. I enjoy travelling, watching movies, reading all sorts of books, playing guitar or working on my personal coding projects. I used to enjoy playing video games but not anymore. After my stint as a game developer, all I can think of are bugs/crashes.

My Projects

Hello World V2

Tutorials on Unity, blockchain, web development. Webiste developed and maintained by me.

World Cricket 2021

Worked on Character Customisation, Reward Points, Bowling and Batting Animations, InGame UI and Stats (manhattan, Hawkeye etc.), unlockables.


A simple paint application for iOS and MacOS devices. Coming soon for Windows, Android and Linux Devices.

2k Run

This is an endless runner game. Collect as much money as possible. The magical broom stick allows you to collect and store unlimited cash.

MM surf

A web browser for Android based devices. Minimalistic browser with gestures for special functions(shake to delete history etc.)

Violent Rush VR

A Google Cardboard based VR endless runner for Android Devices.


My Skills

Game, AR/VR/MR Development :



XR Toolkit, MRTK, Oculus SDK

AR Core

Networking (Photon and WebRTC)

Web Development :



Django- Python


Vanilla Javascript

Blockchain Development:

Hyperledger Fabric

Java (Chaincode and backend SDK)

AWS managed Blockchain

Tools :



Tired of the technologies? Me too..This is how I chill:

My Compositions

Setup : Garageband, FLStudio

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Setup : Canon EOS 1200D, mobile phone

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